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Bookmarked 2024 Week 19

How has your week been? What have you been reading? I’ve got some short books this month and finished a fantasy novella, The Twice-Drowned Saint, C.S.E Cooney, and the short body horror book, Maeve Fly, C.J. Leede. Now, here’s your weekly dose of 10+ bookish links I came across recently.

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one+ UhOh, looks like the Readers Take Denver Book Festival became like a Dystopian Tale.

two+ If you want a little romance with your sci-fi books, here’s 12 of the Best Romancifi Books to Read When You’re Tired of Romantasy. “What are romancifi books? Just like romantasy, romancifi (pronounced like a spell: romansify!) balances two popular genres in one story — in this case, romance and sci-fi.

three+ Spring always inspires me to want to read more. During this time, I like fantasy, romance and generally light-hearted books. Here are some recommendations from Perpetual Page-Turner’s Books With Spring Vibes: My Recs (And My Spring Reading List For This Year).

four+ I saw this awesome feature on Reading Matters, where they invite favorite bloggers, writers and readers to share the names of three books that mean a lot to them. Here’s Triple Choice Tuesday featuring Bookish Becka favorite book, a book that changed my World, and a book that deserves a wider audience.

five+ Stop Asking TikTok for Book Recommendations and Start Asking a Librarian, do you agree? I think you should have a wide variety of sources and Tik-Tok, if that’s your thing, should only be 1 of them.

six+ Top Ten Signs You’re a Mood Reader … I am definitely one! “Are you? “Sometimes it takes a day to read a book and sometimes it takes weeks. “ Yup.

seven+ If you’re also reading fantasy books this month like I am, or if you just want some recommendations for the future, here’s Five Fantasy Novels With Fairy Tale Vibes. I’m currently reading Tress of the Emerald Sea, Brandon Sanderson.

eight+ Reminder that It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and here’s a recommendation for The Best Books by Asian Authors of 2024.

nine+ The 2024 Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists were announced earlier this week. “For the first time ever, more online news sites produced Pulitzer finalists than newspapers did.“

ten+ Off the books – What have you been watching lately? From The Best Movies, TV and Music for May 2024 and The Literary Film & TV You Need to Stream in May I’m most looking forward to Bridgerton and Dark Matter. The most recent things I watched – The Unbreakable trilogy – Unbreakable, Split and Glass – that’s the order in which I watched them. The movies are weird, and the pacing is slow to medium, but they are so weird and I enjoyed them. I tend to like the weirdness of M. Night Symalan directed movies.

Cheers to the weekend and week ahead!

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  1. I always laugh when I hear the words “Tik Tok sensation” because it usually scares me away from a book. And Bridgerton, yep, so excited season 3 is FINALLY almost here!