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Bookmarked 2024 Week 11

How was your week? Mine was hectic but I managed to finish off my March thriller for the 2024 Motif Reading ChallengeAll the Sinners Bleed, S.A. Crosby, which was just as good as his other book I read the week before (Razorblade Tears). Here’s 10+ bookish links I came across this week.

one+ This week, I also read my first novella of the year, Mislaid in Parts Half-Known (Wayward Children #9), Seanan McGuire. If you’re looking for a short book to read, End your reading slump with these short novels and novellas.

two+ Spring is fast approaching, and along with it, lots of lists of new books coming out. Here’s 30 Spring Books to Have on Your Radar and 10 of the Most Pre-ordered Audiobooks of Spring 2024. See anything you’d like to read?

three+ I missed sharing this list at the beginning of the month – Mythical Retellings, Mars Colonies, and Reincarnated Lovers: March’s Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books. I saw some really interesting books on this list that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

four+I’m heading on holiday next week – do you like to match your reading to holiday locations? I loved reading Bronas Books Holiday Reading recap. And here’s also 12+ of Best Plane Books to Read Before Your Next Vacay.

five+ Here are a LOT of recommendations for The Best Book Series for Adults.

six+ Women Behaving Badly: A Reading List“Be careful of these ladies—they have charming smiles, but they bite.”

seven+ Have you watched the Dune movies yet? What do you think of this reading list -> What the Dune Houses Are Reading.

eight+ Nominees for the 2024 Edgar Allan Poe Awards have been announced. These awards honor the
best in mystery fiction, nonfiction, and television published or produced in 2023. Have you read any of the books nominated?

nine+ The International Booker Prize longlist, was also recently released. These selections celebrate “the best novels and short story collections from around the world that have been translated into English and published in the UK and/or Ireland.”

ten+ Off the books … I’m ending this list with one non-bookish thing. I love the Media Diet posts on Why is this Interesting (Substack) – no subscription necessary. The last 2 were The Monday Media Diet with Geoff Rickly and The Monday Media Diet with Ahmed Al Omran.

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  1. Thank you for the link.
    Where are you going for your holiday and what books will you be taking?

    1. @Brona – I’m headed to Jamaica and I’m reading The Guest List, Lucy Foley.