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The 40 Most Popular 2024 Reading Challenges on StoryGraph

The StoryGraph is a book tracking platform and in addition to being able to keep track of the books you read and want to read, it is an excellent site for hosting reading challenges due to it’s simple interface and ease of use. I went through all of the challenges hosted there to date, and I’m sharing with you the 2024 reading challenges on StoryGraph with the most participants.

The 40 Most Popular 2024 Reading Challenges on StoryGrpah

1+ The StoryGraph’s Onboarding Reading Challenge 2024. The challenge is designed as a low-pressure way to explore the range of features StoryGraph offers. Each of the 6 prompts will guide you to a different part of the app, including the community page, recommendations, and reading challenges.

2+ The StoryGraph’s Genre Challenge 2024. The purpose of our Genre Challenge is to encourage you to read outside of your comfort zone, reach for books across genres you might not normally try, and generally have a great time doing it. There are 10 prompts spanning fiction and nonfiction genres, with some allowing flexibility for both.

3+ The StoryGraph Reads the World 2024. The aim of this challenge is to get people picking up books from countries they’ve never read from before, to broaden our reading horizons, and appreciate literature from around the globe. For 2024, we’ve picked 10 new countries for you to visit via books.

4+ Buzzword Reading Challenge 2024. The Buzzword Readathon (#buzzwordathon) began as a monthly readathon with one prompt per month. Each month has a designated word/word theme and you read as many books as you like with that word in the title. Alternatively it is most often completed as a year-long Reading Challenge, and you read just ONE book each month featuring the monthly buzzword until you complete the whole challenge!

5+ r/Fantasy Book Bingo 2024. (Starts in Apr. 2024). Book bingo is a yearly reading challenge hosted on r/Fantasy. There’s also a hard mode and a Hero Mode (Review EVERY book that you read for bingo).

6+ 2024 The Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s) Reading Challenge. It’s time to take on your Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests! Each of the 12 classes have 5 prompts. You get to decide which grades to go for in which classes and which classes you want to attempt a NEWT in (receive a passing grade).

7+ Booklist Queen’s 2024 Reading Challenge. Ready to diversify your reading this year? Join the reading challenge and read a book a week with the Booklist Queen!

8+ Around the Year in 52 Books (2024). 52 books for 52 weeks. Each week, members read a book of their choice for that week’s challenge requirement.

9+ Beat the Backlist 2024. An annual reading challenge designed to help you tackle all the books you keep meaning to read and still haven’t. It’s intended for books that have already been published at the start of the new year.

10+ OUABC 2024 Reading Challenge. Pulled directly from the 2024 reading challenge scratch-off as included in the Once Upon a Book Club Up All Night 2023 box, complete as many challenges as you can before the year is over!

11+ Pop Sugar 2024 Reading Challenge. This is posted on StoryGraph by a fan of the popular of the popular challenge, and there you’ll find all the prompts and book suggestions for each.

12+ Queer Your Year 2024. There are 48 prompts and all books must be queer! This includes books by LGBTQIA+ authors and/or books that focus on queer themes and characters.

13+ Disney Reading Challenge. This year there are 40 prompts based on a random selection of Disney characters. You can complete these prompts at your own leisure throughout the year, in any order you want. Take part in as many or little.

14+ A 2024 RAD Reading Challenge. The theme for this year is to intentionally read diversely.

15+ 2024 BITF Horror Reading Challenge. The Books in the Freezer podcast hosts an annual reading challenge to encourage people to read horror throughout the year.

16+ The 2024 #SomethingBookishReadingChallenge. 24 prompts designed to help you break out of your reading comfort zone and travel the world through books. The goal of the challenge is to help you discover amazing books you wouldn’t have otherwise picked up.

17+ 2024 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge. This challenge is hosted by us here at Chapter Adventure, but at StoryGraph, you’ll also be able to find suggestions for each monthly Key Word.

18+ 2024 Taylor Swift Reading Challenge. A challenge inspired by different Taylor Swift songs!

19+ 2024 Fantasy Book Challenge. 12 Fantasy book in 12 Months – choose one prompt each month to read a different type of fantasy book!

20+ Book Riot’s 2024 Read Harder Challenge. BookRiot.com has hosted the annual Read Harder Challenge for ten years. Track your progress on the 24 prompts for 2024. There’s also the same challenge at Read Harder Challenge 2024.

21+ ALPHABET Book Challenge 2024. Read a book starting with the corrosponding letter of the alphabet. A, B, C and so on. No particular order.

22+ Kats Booknerds 2024 Reading Challenge: Meet Me at the Movies. This years reading challenge is all about MOVIES!!! We have taken the top movies in 15 genres, from the 4 movie eras and created this amazing reading challenge for you, 60 prompts total. Each month we will also have mini challenges, based on the top actors/actresses from the 4 eras.

23+ Books of Horror 2024 Challenge. The annual reading challenge for the Books of Horror Facebook group, but don’t feel you have to be on Facebook to participate. At StoryGraph, you’ll find the reading prompts and you can join in anytime.

24+ 2024 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge. This is another challenge hosted by us here at Chapter Adventure. Join in at StoryGraph is you prefer and have fun choosing a book for each monthly reading prompt.

25+ Beyond the Bookends 2024 Reading Challenge. This is year seven of the popular challenge hosted at BeyondtheBookends.com. If you feel overwhelmed with picking books, we have carefully curated our favorite books to fulfill each prompt to narrow your choices.

26+ The 2024 Fantasy Reading Challenge. 25 reading challenge prompts which will help you explore the fantasy sub-genres.

27+ Read with Allison 2024 Reading Challenge. This is a challenge created by a fan of the challenge at ReadwithAllison.com. The reading challenge is to read 52 books in one year, and to help you build a TBR (to be read list), there’s a list of 52 reading prompts.

28+ BGRT Reading Challenge – 2024. Reading challenge with 52 prompts from the Black Girls Read TOO Facebook group. 52 prompts for the year.

29+ 2024 Fairytale Reading Challenge. Each month has a fairytale theme. You can read the original fairytale, a retelling or both.

30+ A to Z Book Titles 2024 Edition.  Your task is simple. Read through the alphabet.

30+ 2024 Horror/Thriller themes Challenge. Read a book out of each theme in any order.

31+ RWDC 2024 TBR Challenge. Hosted by readwatchdrinkcoffee, make the prompts work for you however you want and interpret them however you like, and let’s get that “to be read” pile down!

32+ 2024 Book Bingo. Read a book for each of the reading prompts.

32+ Book Bingo 2024. Twelve random prompts to push the reading boundaries this year. 

33+ Dark Academia Book Challenge 2024. A challenge centered on the fiction (not the aesthetic) that can be labeled as Dark Academia. Here we’re all about moody prose, questionable characters and nontraditional stories.

34+ Read Your Shelf in 2024. Read 50 books that you own in 2024. No rules, just reading!

35+ Romance Reading Challenge. Read one book for each category. There will be books that fit in more than one category but No repeats.

36+ Myths & Dreams Fantasy Challenge 2024. It’s all about myths, fantasy realms, unique magic systems, and the dreams that we love to escape into.

37+ Devour Your TBR 2024. Devour Your TBR is a yearly challenge where each month has a different themed prompt to help you tackle that TBR!

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Magical Realism Around The World Bingo Challenge. If your book matches a setting, author requirement, or featured content and is anything that could be considered fantasy, science fiction, or magical realism go for it!

38+ Genre Reading Challenge 2024. Read a book from each of 10 genres to complete this challenge!

39+ The Sirens Reading Challenge 2024. There are 8 prompts designed to allow you to be seduced by books on your own shelves, in libraries and bookshops, in digital and audio format. Be lured by classics and new releases alike, and allow a suggestive seductress to recommend you a book you can’t refuse.

40+ Actually Read Some Non Fiction This Year. Choose one book per quarter.

40+ Musicals Reading Challenge 2024. 24 musicals, 24 songs, and 24 prompts based off them – to be completed through the year.

Bonus 11 More

41+ 2024 Romance Cover Challenge. This challenge is based purely on the cover design of the books. Books chosen should be romance, however any trope you chose.

42+ That Bookish Club 2024 Reading Challenge. The aim is to complete all the prompts provided. You can’t double up on prompts e.g one book = one prompt.

43+ Horror Subgenre Challenge. Read through these 10 different sub-genres of horror.

44+ Reading Randomizer 2024. Use a random number generator to select a book to read for the month, based on the reading prompt. This game is designed for TBRs of more than 100 books.

45+ 2024 Uncorked Reading Challenge. For our Uncorked 2024 reading challenge, read as much or as little as you like. Some of our readers swap in movies, TV shows, or drinks from an area.

46+ Genre Challenge. Read one (at least) book from each listed genre.

46+ 2024 Genre Tracker. A tracker to visualize which books you’ve read in each genre during 2024. The goal is to have variety in the genres you read, but the most important thing is to read things you’ll enjoy!

47+ 12 Months of Romance Tropes. Reading through some of my favorite romance tropes.

48+ Queering the Year 2024 – 12 months, 12 books. Read at least one book with LGBTQ characters or author each month of the year.

45+ Monthly Themed Challenge 2024. Each month pick a book that follows the prompt for either the buzzword or theme.

50+ 2024 Easy Reading Challenge. Why is this challenge called Easy Reading? Simple. You only need to read 1 book a month! All genres are welcome! This challenge is made for everyone: smaller readers who want to challenge themself to read at least one book a month, to bigger readers to read as many as they want to fit the prompt or to be one of their numerous challenge.

51+ Fantastical Creatures Challenge. Explore books that include different creatures that exist in fantasy!

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