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The Biggest Round Up of 2024 Reading Challenges

This compilation is a list of all the year-long 2024 reading challenges that we could find. Also check out The 40 Most Popular 2024 Reading Challenges on StoryGraph.




  • Backlist Reader Challenge. Read books that have been published before 2023 AND are already on your TBR list or pile.
  • Beat the Backlist. Let’s tackle all the books you keep meaning to read and still haven’t.
  • BiblioLifestyle 2024 Reading Challenge. A challenge with a series of prompts that you can follow in chronological order or mix and match as you see fit.
  • Book Bingo 2024. Read a book for a Bingo – A fun bingo style reading challenge with a normal or hard mode.
  • Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge. Read Harder has 24 fun and serious tasks designed to help you break out of your reading bubble and expand your worldview through books.
  • Book to Movie (and TV). Read books being made into movies for release this (with additional levels for adaptations in other years).
  • Books in the Freezer Horror Reading Challenge. Can you find a horror book for each of these 10 reading prompts (+3 bonuses)?
  • Books in Translation. Read a book that’s been translated from any language into the language of your choosing. The challenge is not limited to translations to or from English.
  • Bookish Books Reading Challenge. Read books where the main themes is books (reading them, writing them, hoarding them, stealing them, eating them, burning them, decorating with them, organizing them, sniffing them, selling them, etc.).
  • Booklist Queen’s Reading Challenge. Read a book a week with these 52 different categories to expand your reading selection.
  • The Booknerd Backlist Reading Challenge. This is a laid-back way to read more of the books you already own. The reading prompts are 100% voluntary and can be completed in any order! They’re only here to help if you’re looking at a massive TBR and have no idea what to read
  • Bookopoly. This was posted many moons ago, but it’s too good not to share here. Read a book for each category on the boardwalk but roll the die like you would in Monopoly to determine what to read. Skip 2 categories if you have a Get Out of Jail free card!
  • Build Your Library Reading Challenge. The theme this yead is “Reading Through History” There are prompts that offer you the chance to thoroughly explore the theme in fun and unique ways.


  • Calendar of Crime. Read 12 mystery books, each from of the categories in the month on the Calendar of Crime.
  • Classics Reading Challenge. The idea is to explore the classics by reading one classic book each month chosen for the challenge prompt.
  • The Clock Reading Challenge. The goal is to read 12 books, each with a number from 1 to 12 in the title.
  • Color Coded. Choose books where the color may either be named in the title or it may appear as the dominant color for the cover.
  • COYER Unwind. Clean Out Your Electronic books (eBooks and audiobooks) … and more. There are 4 seasonal challenges with different rules for each. A completely fun way to get through your books.
  • Craving For Cozies. Read cozy mystery books.
  • Creativity Reading Challenge. This challenge is about reading books on creativity, art, crafts, writing, film making, photography and any other topic that helps you live a more creative life.
  • Crossing Continents. Read a book each month for the theme which represents a choice from each continent.
  • Cruisin’ Thru The Cozies. Read only cozy mysteries of your choice or read through the different sub-genres of cozy mysteries.



  • Epistolary Reading Challenge. The challenge is to read books written in the form of letters, diaries, blogs, e-mails and such, either completely or partially written this way.
  • The European Reading Challenge. Read books set in European countries or books by European authors. The books can be of any genre and you can participate at different levels, but each book must represent a different country — either written by an author from a different country or set in a different country.
  • Epic Reads Next Page Reading Challenge. Our bookish prompts throughout the year will help you step up your reading game, go outside of your comfort zone, and maybe even make some fellow book nerd friends in the process. In addition to the reading prompts, we also came up with a series of off-the-page challenges to do every month as well. Before you get stressed, don’t worry—a majority of these challenges are things you can do from the comfort of your favorite reading space, and we encourage you to get creative!


  • Fairytale Reading Challenge. Each month there is a fairytale prompt. You can read a retelling or the original fairytale.
  • Fantasy Reading Challenge. Explore more fantasy and sci-fi books with the 2024 fantasy and sci-fi fanatics reading challenge!
  • Feminist Reading Challenge. Read a book for each of the prompts, and try to read books by women, non-binary writers and writers of color
  • Finishing the Series. This challenge is focused on finally finishing those series that you’ve started but not yet completed.





  • Libro.FM Audiobook Challenge. Here are 24 challenges (that’s two per month) to help you read more and diversify your audiobook-listening this year
  • Linzthebookworm/Logophile Reading Challenge. The challenge is organized into 5 levels of 12 prompts. This is a choose-your-own-adventure challenge. Play however you like: pick your challenge level of choice and try to complete everything within those levels… or bounce around willy-nilly and read whatever you feel like.
  • Literary Fifteen 2024. A reading challenge sampling 15 literary awards for translated fiction, poetry, non-fiction, short stories, fantasy, political novels, queer lit and more. #LiteraryFifteen
  • Literary Escapes. Read 1 book set in each of the 50 states + the District of Columbia.


  • Medical Examiner’s Mystery Reading Challenge. Your goal as Medical Examiner is to issue as many Toe Tags as you can by reading murder mysteries and documenting the cause of death of the unfortunate victim(s)
  • Meet Me At the Movies. We have taken the top movies in 15 genres, from the 4 movie eras and created this amazing reading challenge for you, 60 prompts total.
  • Memoir Reading Challenge. Read a minimum of five memoirs from any of the categories listed. One book can only count for one category.
  • Mental Health Reading Challenge. Read any book related to mental health – fiction or non-fiction.
  • Motif Reading Challenge.
  • Mount TBR. Knock out some of those books you OWN that have been waiting in the wings for weeks … months … even years.
  • Mystery Marathon. The Mystillery Literary and Athletic Association (MLAA) welcomes you to the first running of the Mystery Marathon! Your goal is to to complete the marathon by reading 26.2* mysteries during the year. (No actual running is required.)



  • #Ozathon. A readalong of the Oz books by L. Frank Baum.


  • Picture Prompt Book Bingo. Match books that you’ve read to one of the pictures on the bingo card.
  • Popsugar Reading Challenge. This year, we have a fun theme you’ll see pop up throughout our prompts — in keeping with embracing the magic of words, you’ll find subtle references to dictionaries.
  • Pick Your Poison. Check out the printable – 26 topics with 4 categories in each – so “Pick Your Poison”! It could be anywhere from a Baker’s Dozen – 1 category from any of the 13 topics … all the way up to a Freaky Reader – complete all the topics.
  • The Purrfect Reading Challenge. Read mysteries that have cats as main characters.


  • A RAD Reading Challenge. Choose to read from any or all of the nine categories in the printable.
  • Read It Again Sam. This one is all about re-reading … re-visiting old friends in books.
  • Read With Allison. There are 52 reading prompts on the printable so challenge yourself to find a book for each, or as many as you can get to this year.
  • Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks. The goal is easy – Read 52 Books – how you get there is up to you. We have a variety of weekly, monthly mini challenges, annual and perpetual challenges to entice your reading taste buds.
  • Reading With Muffy. Our aim is to help you conquer you read more with these 12 unique book prompts designed to add diversity to your reading list.
  • Reading by the Numbers. Log all your books. No pre-set challenge levels. You decide your goal for the year and then just keep track of the books you read.
  • Read Your Bookshelf. This is a low pressure reading challenge with reading prompts for every month of the year.
  • Read Your Shelf. There are 60 prompts (some repeated) to help you pick and read books you already have on your shelves.
  • Reading Romance Challenge. A romance reading book bingo challenge.





  • Vintage Scavenger Hunt. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to find as many objects on the scavenger hunt list as possible on the covers of the mystery books you read. As always, you may play along in either the Golden or Silver Mystery Eras (or, for the more adventurous, both).
  • Virtual Mount TBR Reading Challenge. This challenge is for all those folks with mile-long “wish-list” of TBRs who would like a chance to climb as well.


Special mention to the Reading Trope Challenges hosted by honyombooks on Storygraph. These are not time based. Horror, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, Science Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Action & Adventure, Romance and Fantasy.

And another shoutout to Storygraph user bibilly who hosts several challenges like Fantasy Quest,

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  1. Thanks a lot for the Ping to my blog, only that you linked my 2023 Bingo instead of the 2024 Bingo. Here is the link: https://leticiatoraci.wordpress.com/2023/11/13/book-bingo-challenge-2024/

    1. Thanks @Leticia – this should be fixed now.

      1. This list is awesome, I look forward to it each year! Just letting you know, Popsugar has just released their 2024 challenge as well. I love your keyword challenge and always try to get as many words as I can over the year.

        1. Thanks Karin! Updated to add it.

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  3. Thanks for listing the 2024 Nonfiction Reader Challenge!

  4. Thank you for doing this every year!

  5. Thanks for keeping this list updated. It’s super helpful to reading challenge addicts like me 🙂

    Would you mind adding the reading challenge I’m hosting? It’s the 2024 Bookish Books Reading Challenge and the welcome/sign-up link is here: http://www.blogginboutbooks.com/2023/12/announcing-bookish-books-reading.html

    Thanks so much!


    1. @Susan – added! Thanks for hosting the challenge each year.

  6. You are back and better than ever! Thank you for continuing this list of challenges. I appreciate all your efforts, both as a challenge host and participant.

    The TBR 24 in ’24 challenge is posted and ready for sign up on my Rose City Reader blog. Thank you for sharing it on your list. https://www.rosecityreader.com/p/the-tbr-24-in-24-challenge.html

    1. Thanks Rose. Updated with your challenge.

  7. Thanks for always posting this list! Would you mind adding my Books in Translation Challenge and my Southern Literature Challenge? Thank you!



    1. Done – thanks for sharing.

  8. That is an amazing list of challenges! If you’d like to add one more, I’m hosting a backlist reading challenge on my book blog – The Booknerd Backlist Reading Challenge 🙂

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  13. Your annual round-ups are always so helpful. Thanks so much for doing them every year!

    Would you mind adding my Studio Ghibli Reading Challenge and my UK’s Biggest Cities Reading Challenge? The links are below.



    Thanks again!

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